MIR Cybernetics is building the future of Distributed Computing|

MIR Cybernetics is building the future of

Our revolutionary Server Engine is powering complex distributed systems from virtual universes to next generation cybersecurity tools.

Join us in creating the future of distributed computing:

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Ultimate Solution for Networked Applications

General Purpose Server Engine.

A revolutionary general purpose server engine that allows developers create high-performance, secure, and efficient distributed systems.

Create any distributed system from global-scale enterprise applications to next generation MMORPGs faster and easier than ever.

  • Modular architecture – Allowing developers to create any type of distributed system with ease.
  • Multilingual – C/C++/GoLang/Python and more programming languages to come.
  • Cross-platform compatible – Deploy servers and clients on all major platforms. Windows, Linux, Mac OS.
  • Highly scalable – Our custom threading library enables developers to build highly scalable distributed systems with minimal effort.
  • Secure – Providing zero-trust security features and libraries.
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Ultimate Virtual Universe

Adventure ~ Craft ~ Build ~ Socialize

Become an Adventurer, an Industrialist, or a famous Artist.

Customize everything from your character's appearance to the way you want to play.

  • Discover a new universe – Next generation social sandbox MMORPG powered by Unreal Engine 5.
  • Metaverse template – Source code available for other developers to kickstart their own Metaverse offerings.
  • Modular gameplay plugins – From space exploration to mythical fantasy adventures, customize your virtual universes with genre agnostic gameplay plugins.
  • Efficient – Client & Server communications are powered by MIR Server Engine. Lower your cloud costs and maximize profits.
  • Scalable – Utilize the MIR Server Engine's threading library and host thousands of players in a single server.
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Ultimate Cybersecurity Toolkit

Automate your SecOps

Scan, Breach, Remediate, Report

Provide complete security coverage for complex enterprise networks and infrastructure.

Build automated information security tasks, continuously scan, detect vulnerabilities and take decisions via custom AI behaviour trees.

  • AI Assisted Decision Taking – Customize behavior trees according to your infrastructure needs and let AI assist the security tests.
  • Modular – Powered by MIR Server Engine, add custom communications protocols as needed.
  • Scalable – Analyze and take automated decisions on thousands of endpoints within milliseconds.
  • Scriptable – Use Python to add complex scripts, utilize node based editor to save SecOps recipes.
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We are looking for visionary investors who can help us bring our innovative solutions to life and create the future of distributed computing.

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